How many pages should a bachelor thesis have?

Bachelor’s thesis, like every diploma thesis, should take into account certain standards and meet specific criteria. This type of work is of a scientific nature, and as we know, in this case there is no room for individual freedom (appropriate, for example, for journalistic texts). Applicable standards apply to both the language used in the work and the form of the work itself. The volume of the Bachelor’s thesis is also standardized. So how many pages should a bachelor’s job count for? And what are its basic elements?

Number of pages that exhausts the topic, i.e. …

Bachelor’s thesis should have so many pages that the topic taken up in it will be fully exhausted. This is, among other things, writing scientific works. However, certainly the approach to the problem in such a way does not say much to many people. Therefore, the Bachelor’s thesis is a thesis that is much less extensive than the master thesis, and its number of pages is usually from 30 to 50. It is worth remembering, however, that discrepancies in the number of bachelor’s thesis pages can be really big, and many will depend here from the subject, field of work, as well as formal requirements of a given university in the field of writing diploma theses. Sometimes, 40 pages will be an acceptable amount, sometimes 60 or even 70 pages. However, assuming a range of 30 to 50 pages, you can be sure that you meet the common standards for writing bachelor’s theses. For comparison, the master thesis usually consists of 60 to 100 pages.

What should individual pages of your work contain?

You already know how many pages a bachelor’s job should have. This information certainly outlines the extent of your diploma thesis. Now it’s time to complete the pages of the work. Therefore, at this point we would like to remind you about the structure of the bachelor thesis and how to lay out specific elements of the work.

Each scientific work usually consists of two main parts, ie theoretical and research. When starting to write, please divide the content of the work into just these parts, more or less equally. In this way, you will create two main chapters of your work. If the work will be a bit more extensive, you can easily write 3 or even 4 or 5 chapters. The only thing that matters here is the preservation of the right proportions. In addition, remember that each chapter should consist of subsections. Such a procedure not only organizes the transmitted content, but also makes the reader able to sort out the information read, systematize the text and return to it, if he stopped reading, conveniently at any time.

The most common layout of the bachelor thesis includes the following elements:

  • Title page.
  • Summary of the work (optional also in English).
  • Table of Contents.
  • Introduction to the bachelor thesis, indicating, among others, the goals and scope of work.
  • Theoretical sections, including literature review.
  • Research chapters, including methodologies and results of own research.
  • Termination of work and conclusions.
  • Bibliography.
  • List of illustrations, table, charts, diagrams, etc.